Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fort for us all

Here is the fort we put up in Londons room and yes this is him passed out in it. He did this a number of nights until the plug in Aquarium we found second hand stopped lighting up. Now it is all about the IKEA "starlight" we mounted about his bed. He is back to sleeping in his big boy bed but occasionally we find him passed out in the fort again.

I also keep finding Calhoun snoozing in the fort. I think he is happy to relive his hiking the Appalachain Trail days with Scott but in a dry warm fort/tent in Londons room. I know he would be out in a tent in the woods in a heartbeat if his legs would let him. It is deep rooted in him and if you want to see him spin circles of excitement, just get out his very own backpack...but you better be ready to really take him out into the woods or that is just mean.

Sweet Calhoun

Out on a Whisper - new fabric on wood piece in my etsy shop. I finally used some of my new fabrics I ordered from The new fabrics are so so yummy, I am sure you will be seeing them in more pieces to come!

Here is a Judaic piece I have been working on. The top picture is with the lacey scarf over her head. I am still waiting to make sure everything is as it should be before I polyurethane it. This is the first piece in 6 Judaic pieces I will be working on for a very lovely client.

"Shabbot Dinner"

Well we are out the door here in a few to a playdate with some neighbors we met at the pool this summer. It is raining again today but sometimes a rainy week here or there is kind of nice.