Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's all about the memories!

London's 1st Birthday - Eating his first Cake!

Ha- yesterday was London's 1st birthday- his first taste of cake went over well. He managed to dump the entire piece in his face and proceeded to stuff his little mouth. It was quite entertaining for all of our guest but of course I was nervous he was going to choke! Ah, well I am glad that we spent 2 days cleaning the house and had a b-day party for him. It's all about the memories.

I will leave you with picture of one of my favorite pieces I have ever made. I sold the original a few years ago but have revived it by offering 5" x 7" prints in my etsy shop. I wish that I had a better picture so I could have made bigger prints but this was before the days of sort of knowing what I was doing with my digital camera.

"Midnightish" - Print of Original Fabric on Wood art

WEll Happy New Year all - we will be chillin at our house this year drinking old Champagne. It is just not worth getting out on the roads- we prefer to get drunk in our own home- hee hee


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

London's 1st Christmas (he's almost 1 yr old)

He had so much fun with this dancing Santa- actually he was kind of quiet and serious but really enthrawled!

This was his first christmas present he open- SO FUN!!! It is a hippo push/ride thingy- just perfect for a baby who is trying to learn to walk on his own.

London and Grandpa- Isn't he so cute in his Christmas outfit!

So sleepy after a morning of opening presents.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends. London was very good despite the craziness of being out of his routine- he's a trooper. And to think he has piles of presents to open in just a few days as his birthday is on the 29th! Happy Holidays everyone and of course a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Digging up Old Treasures

"Just Because"
Pen and Ink sketch- scanned in- I have a print for sale in my Etsy shop

"Midnight Dance"

This is a rubbing from a wood cutt I did- I will have a digitally touched up print for sale in my Etsy shop soon- so keep an eye out!

So now that I have the whole scanner and printer thing going I thought it would be a good idea to dig up some old treasures. This meaning old sketches and rubbing from wood cutts. I have piles and pile of sketchbooks that I used to use almost as a daily journal. I now draw directly onto the wood when I am doing my fabric on wood pieces b/c then I don't have to redraw something (b/c it never comes out like it did the first time).

I actually used to be really into printmaking in college and I so wish that I had access to a studio now. I have really come to find my self artistcally since then and can only imagine the things I could come up with now. It was sometimes such a struggle to figure out who I was in college. I had my style for sure but I have grown so much. I would not take any of it back of course b/c those were great times and the struggles have directed me to who I am today!
I hope that you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season! Cheers!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Shooting Star!

I am not lying the other night as my husband and I were headed home from having dinner with some friends we saw a shooting star race across the sky. We both said "Oh my gosh, did you see that!?" at the exact same time. This thing was so gigantic that we then began to question wether it really was a shooting star or something sent by a terrorist or a crashing plane. We held our breaths for the next few minutes waiting for an explosion or something....but nothing.

I have been so fortunate to see a few shooting stars before while down in the Florida Keys. I love the keys and have been there many a times. The last time I was there was about 6 years ago almost exactly. I went down with 10 friends and we rented this great little how on one the Islands. This house had a ladder that led up to the roof (I know not the safest thing since we all had our fair share of drinks). We would go up there at night when the stars were soooo BRIGHT! I think we saw at least 2 or 3 shooting stars every night. The funny thing is when I got back from the trip (all tan and golden in the middle of Dec.) is when I met Scott my now husband for the first time. Of course he had a girlfriend at the time and we didn't see each other again until the next summer- but I have been told that I left an impression on him (with my florida tan!- hee hee).

"Lover on a Starless Night" - Original Fabric on Wood art

Here is a new piece that is starless but I thought it was oddly fitting of all this talk of shooting stars! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

I now have Archival Prints!!!!


"Yellow Pepper"

"Topographic Love"

"Cat Tales"

I can not tell you how excited I am to finally be able to offer prints of my originals!! I have researched and researched the best equipment to get for months and finally spent some very hard earned $ to buy everything I needed. So far I am very pleased with the results of my little Epson Stylus Inkjet R1800 printer (and I should be for what it cost!- hee hee)

Here are a few images that I will be offering that I no longer own the originals. I have missed them so and now I can breath new life into them and of course share them with others!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hey I have been Featured!!!

Snowy Bird Bath - Fabric on Wood

I love when a wonderful surprise like this happens. I have been featured on the DIY Treasury Trove- here is the link
Thanks to for letting me know. Ya'll go there and vote for me- if you want- hee hee I would love to win the Golden Dollar Competition for Dec.

Anyway, Here is a fun little wintery piece that I will be listing today in my Etsy shop. I grew up in NC and our state bird is that Cardinal. I thought how perfect to make a little Cardinal piece. I am wishing for snow this winter but I now live a little bit South of NC in SC and it is wishful thinking!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's my Birthday!!!

One of my college buddies, Darrah, called me today to wish me a happy birthday (hers is on the 10th of Dec. so we never forget each others b-days). She was going camping and I was a little jealous. When you have a baby you can't just pick up and hit the woods. Of course he will not be a baby forever and soon he will be a toddler b/c he is this close to walking.
So here is a little piece called "Red Tent" that I just finished...wishing just a little bit that I was there at that campsite. :)

Nothin like a super chill B-day at home with the family!
My husband made me Enchiladas for dinner and they were super YUMMY!!! (thanks babe)
CHEERS and Happy Birthday to all the other Dec. 1st born!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things....

"Lost" - Original Fabric on Wood art

I think this is my new favorite piece that I have done (sometimes ya just gotta have a favorite). I am usually such a blue person but I am so drawn to these monochromatic gold and yellow pieces lately. I will be going to this GIANT local fabric store in the next couple of weeks and I am hoping to stock up on all kinds of goodies!!! Then when I get home with all my new fabrics my mind is racing a mile a minute b/c it almost can't contain all the images that come to life! I LOVE making ART!!!!

Another one of my Favorite things right now is this DARLING little bear hat that I ordered from - she has the best little helmet hats. And I tell you if the adult monkey helmet had been in there when I ordered the bear helmet I would have switched over and ordered a monkey helmet for my son and husband. So cute

If anyone out there reads my blog...for the love of God leave me a comment! I feel so alone on here - sighhhhh

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first Flyfishing piece

"Early Morning Catch" 12" x 24" -Original fabric on wood art

fish close up

I have been rather busy with commissioned pieces lately and here are some pictures from a flyfishing one that I just finished. I am quite pleased with the way if turned out. Everyone who has seen it in person things that fish is painted on but it is many pieces of fabric put together like the rest. I used colored pencil to draw the rocks and highlight some of the whites and the fly. Let me know what you think. I may make some more realistic outdoorsy piece soon for my Etsy shop.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Sweetest thing!!! oooohwa oh

Tell me that my little guy is not the sweetest thing! Here he is in the bath tonight, of course I had to have some fun with his shampooey hair and give him a little mohawk. He just kept chewin on his bath toy. So Sweet! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful baby :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby Fawn Girl with Blossom

Fawn drawn onto the fabric

Baby Fawn eating blossoms- In-Progress

My first attempt at drawing a fawn...and here it is. We have a couple shower to go to tomorrow for a freind of my husbands who is having a girl. After some research we learned that they will not be doing the PINK thing (I didn't think they would) rather a more Sage green nursery. Both the mom and dad love the outdoors so I want to have a pine tree somewhere in the mix. What goes better than a baby girl fawn eating blossom. Hope they like it. Here are some in-progress photos. It will be finished up tonight with the second coat of polyurthane.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kitty and Crow - Original Fabric on Wood art

I just finished this piece and will be adding it to my Etsy shop today. I am fascinated by crows and a little obsessed with cats. We keep finding dead birds all around the house as we have 3 cats who like to hunt. Sometimes I think that perhaps they are just trying to be whatever it is they are huntings friend. They never eat them- it is just for sport I suppose. I think my cats would be friends with a crow. Crows are intimidating b/c they are so very smart!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some New art!!!

"Bloody Mary" - Original fabric on wood art

York County Art Museum Show Nov. 1st

" They Shall become One" - original fabric on wood art

Here are just a of my new stuff. I have been trying to play catch up after a couple of super busy weeks. I had a show and sold a ton of pieces. I still have over 1o0 in my inventory but I must keep working. I plan to start selling prints soon- keeping my fingers crossed that I will have saved up enough for the printer before the beginning of the year (tax write off- ha ha). Anyway here are some photos of new work and the show I participated in at the York County Art Museum in Rock Hill, SC. I am also trying to make my blog a more regular thing!!! So see you back here soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My little Studio/ Working Space

Here are some shots from my upstairs studio. Also the first shot is on this cedar chest that I have where I package all my sales for shipment. I make most of my pieces down stairs on the couch on a towel and then I work on them upstairs when I polyurthane them. My husband and I moved into this house in May 2006 and it really has a lot of potential. Eventually we really want to refine the upstairs and do it up right!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Petals in the Wind

I am so ready for the cool fall weather. I made this abstract piece with the FAll in mind!!! It has finally cooled off a bit at night here but the days are still humid and warm. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some snow this winter (we had one day last winter of snow).
This piece of art is for sale in my Etsy shop and is Fabric on Wood