Sunday, February 22, 2009

As life passes us by we remember the laughs

"You Make Me Laugh" - Archival print in the shop now...original is pen and ink and colored pencil.
My husbands best friends father lost his battle with cancer this week. We attended his funeral today and it was so touching and a beautiful celebrations of a great mans life. This piece reminds me of what is so important in life. Laughing and loving with friends and family. Every day that we have here on earth is a gift to share with those we love! I hope that I never forget that as long as I live.

I know it has been a while since I blogged so I have been building up some good pictures of London doing what he does best...having fun.
He has taken quite a liking to the first step in any stair case, or porch steps, or the fire place hearth. It is the perfect height for him to help himself to a seat. Him and Scott were sitting on the fireplace the other night and luckily my camera was close by. My sweet boys!

London lives for running around in just a diaper. ha ha

I was getting something out of his closet the other day and he saw his halloween costume and just had to have it. We have tried to tell him that it is not actually a stuffed animal, oh well it is still fun to love.

Ok this one is even sweeter then the first.

London and I in Sepia.

My mom comes over quite a bit to watch London for us when we can't bring him along to where ever we are going. He loves to read stories with Grandma and gets really excited when she comes over. Tonight he got to go over to my folks house and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Aunt Christie was over the other day too. She has to love on London before she heads back North to AK.

We have a squirrel friend who comes and eats on all the droppings from one of our bird feeders. When he comes to visit he is seriously right outside the sliding glass doors. London thinks it is such a hoot. We watch him the whole time until someone make a sudden movement (usually London - jumping and laughing) and he takes off. I also noticed this morning that our cardinal family is back! Yay...they are the inspirations for the couple of cardinal pieces I have in my etsy shop.

See....squirrel friend.
Well another week is upon us. After a really awesome playdate with an old friend last week we are looking forward to what fun this week will bring.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Alaska's Calling... sister back to it's shores. My sister Christie spent 6 months of 2008 in Ketchikan, AK as a Naturalist on a whale touring boat. When she arrived back in good old Charlotte, NC she was totally unaware of the economic situation as she sort of lived in a TVless bubble while in AK. Unable to find a full time job with benefits or even a salary ($7.50/hr part time at Bath and Body Works at the mall for a college grad with experience just doesn't cut it) she is very excited to go back and work work work.
Last year when she left I ran her etsy shop (volleyballgirl) for her and I am assuming I will be doing that again which I don't mind. I know that she has marked a few things down and I think she is very reasonable to begin with. So come and check her out it would mean a lot to both of us. :)
Black Bear at Sunset - 5 x 7 photo
She took this picture at Herring Cove in Ketchikan, AK. The black bears would come out just about every evening near the fish hatchery.

My Little Evergreen Tote - she has a few other totes and they are awesome!
Because Christie has been couch surfing since she got home...she has come over to my house several days for a "sewing" day. It is really hard when you do not have a place/studio space of your own. My dining room table has worked well for her and I really enjoy when she chills out here (which is not often enough).

Hemimorphite Stone earrings
She made a bunch of earrings from supplies she got while living in AK...these are some of my personal favorites.

These small little pouches are so perfect for that handful of things you want to have all in one place at the gym or grocery store. I used mine to hold my ipod and keys when I go rollerblading.
She has marked these small pouches down to $ can't beat that price.

Avocado Goodness - 8" x 8" original fabric on wood piece - New in my shop now
This one is part of my Mod Kitchen collection and I am obsessed with the green fabric used in the background. I have to say I really like this one and perhaps it is because we love avocados here at my house. Lime and avocado together is a heavenly treat with some blue organic chips - ahhhh. mmmmm
Have a great V-day weekend! xoxox

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In the Middle of a Blue Evening

"In the Middle of a Blue Evening" - new in my shop
Random little blue facts about me...
I have always been a blue girl.
I got married with blue fingernails (and they are blue right now).
The first car I ever bought and still have is blue.
I know that when I was younger I always told myself when I grow up I would have a room in my house that was all "blue room". I am still working on that one.
In all my drawers of fabric the blue one is the fullest.
I am a sucker for my 2 year olds sweet blue eyes.

Every night around the time that daddy should be home London keeps an eye on the back door. If I even utter the word "daddy" he goes running in that directions and waits. In the picture above you can see that Scott did not even have time to get his jacket off after he got home the other night. So sweet...both of them!

London and I were rolling around on the floor being silly and we captured these shots. I love that we can catch a moment in time with the snap of a button.

Hoping everyone has a great week. I am trying to figure out what we are going to get into, whatever it is I am sure it will be fun. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsy Stalker Interview!

Oh you can not understand how excited I am to have been interviewed by Curator Beatrice over at the Etsy Stalker Blog. I am giving away an 8.5 x 11 archival print and 5 x 7 archival print to the winner of Curator B's choice. All you have to do it check out my interview here and my shop and leave a comment in her blog on which piece you like best...pretty simple!
Thank you all for you support and you never know you might just win! :)
"Snow Girl" - Original fabric on Wood art

London playing at the Sports connection. He ran around the arcade and observing all the lights. We are still at the stage where mommy does not need to bring any $- whoo hoo

London ran and ran and ran from one side of the arcade to the other stopping every once and a while to look at lights and stars. Yes he did nap that afternoon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slightly Cabin Feverish

Oh Goodness, we have had some long days lately. I think London is adjusting to being 2 by getting into everything he is not supposed to get into. Yesterday we had an "undress his self and poop all over his crib during nap time" day. I think I bleached almost his entire room and washed everything he was wearing and everything in his crib (minus the ABC book I threw away) twice on the hottest hot my washer would wash. And of course we had an emergency bath. It brought me to tears and my hands were still shaking 45 mins later but what's a mom to do. Life goes on and there are other things to deal with. I am hoping this will NEVER happen again, and if it does we may just be giving up nap time (since he just plays and sings when in his crib anyway). Now that I have grossed you all out here are some fun pics from the week. (sorry)

Woody checking out my new piece. The cats come running from all points in the yard to get in the picture or cast a shadow- so funny.

"Kiss my Grits" - New fabric on wood piece in the
My husband loves grit (I like them too) but he really likes them. This one is for you babe!

Granny and Grandaddy watch London for me the other day so I could get a haircut (yay). He loves going over there and makes himself right at home....sometimes a little too much.

Playing the piano with Granny - which he is really good at!

Still playing...he sits there for sometime 20-30 mins at a time and plunks away. Makes me wish we had a piano sometimes. I think we will someday...someday.

Ice cream time!

Grandaddy and London have a special ice cream bond.

Nothing better then sitting on the step and eating ice cream.

Now for the latest on my future garden...her are some seeds I ordered on etsy this week.
Who knew that you could order organic seeds there too...I love etsy and love supporting individuals. I will still be ordering seeds and a few blueberry bushes from burpee this year but check these out from HomeGrownHealthy

I have been looking for the Purple Opal Basil throwing these leaves directly into a salad! YUM

That is all for now...oh and did I mention my husband leaves for a month next week on about cabin fever. One day at a time...right?