Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July and a little bit more

We had a nice chill 4th at home. Scott had to work both Sat. and Mon. so it was his only day off. Since we live in SC and we can legally set off fireworks (whoo hoo), Scott went down the street and bought a bunch from a little firework stand. We threw poppers which London thought was GREAT and then we introduced him to his first fireworks.

This is Scott setting off bottle rockets in the street and was also taken shortly after he set off a round of 1000 cherry bombs. London just laughed and smiled (and plugged his ears)!

Standing in excitement after many many bottle rockets.

The more we set off the more excited he got. It was really sweet and we have been setting a few off each night since. We drag our chairs out and put a stick on the ground and tell London he can not go past the stick. Super family fun!

Giving Daddy hugs after the big show! Yay for fireworks and Daddy!

The next day we had the McGaha's over for a little cookout and swim in the blow up "party" pool on the back porch. Here is London and his 2 favorite girls eating lunch. They are all total cuteness!

Scott has started learning a bunch of songs on his harmonica. Just so happens we have a kid harmonica for London. Today they were outside playing in the beach ball sprinkler and Scott was playing his harmonica. As soon as he started London came running through the front door and grabbed his harmonica, then ran right back outside. I came out with the camera and this is what I found. hehe

He ran back through the sprinkler (with harmonica in hand) for one more cool down.

I love it, one day when London can play a ton of songs we will look back at these photos and say this is where it all started. :)

Hope you are all staying is HOT HOT HOT here.