Friday, February 22, 2008

A New ME!

So I used to be a workout junkie. I really miss that. I don't necessarily want to take it back to the extreme that I used to be (2 or 3 hours everyday) but I am determined to get back in shape.

Here are some examples of the shape I used to be in....

In High School- my dad asked me once if I was on steriods...UMM - No dad do I have a mustache- ugh

I would get stopped at the Y and asked if I ever did any sports and fitness modeling- ha ha

In college- I worked out at this gym that was basically all meat heads and they used to be ask me all the time what I was training for- of course I said "Spring Break" - I was going to the Keys

Now I am just sick of not having the body I know I could have. I had London and we just sort of stick to the house. Sure we go for long walks but I know that the only way I am going to drop the weight is to start running again and lifting. SO- I joined the Y today. Yeah, there is not one near my house but they have free child care and I can hopefully slim down some.

One of my best friends is getting married in the Keys this Dec. and I do not want to be embarrassed to get in a bathingsuit.

So there you have it! Yay for working out and drinking lots of water :)

Wish me luck !!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Commissions and a finished piece

still don't have name for this one (any suggestions?)
"Under the Night Blue"

Here are a couple of in-progress commission pieces I am almost done with. I can finish the fabric part very quickly but then I must wait for things to dry before I can touch up a piece with colored pencil. Once that is done then I put on a layer of polyurethane. If I do this early in the morning then I can put the second coat on before I go to bed. But usually I work on art a little more at night and put the first coat on at night and then the second coat on in the morning. Then I must wait for the Sunshine to come on out and play before I can get the best shot. So cloudy days sometime put a damper in my ability to get something properly photographed and listed on etsy. ah the life of an artist.
"The Moon Caught my Eye"

Here is the piece that was in pieces a couple of posts ago all finished. I love the title of this one as it totally makes the piece for me :).

Yes and I now have a packet of 4 "Here Kitty Kitty" postcards Meow $13 on in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nicholas Francisco - Missing

This really a heart breaking story. Nicholas Francisco had been missing since 2/13/08- his wife is a fellow etsian. They have 2 young children and one on the way. He left his Seattle WA. office at 6pm on the 13th and called his wife before leaving saying he was on the way and would stop at Costco to get some sugar to make cookies with thier daughter. He never made it home. His car had been found on Monday in a condo complex in Federal Way - 30 min away from the Seattle area where he is from. They have found no trace of him so far. The reward is up to $10,000 for any information leading to Nicholas. If anyone has any info please call 911 immediately. I believe that tonight the story will get national coverage on FoxNews. We are all praying that someone knows something that will bring him home safe and sound!


Esty thread for support, thoughts, updates and prayers:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day!!!!

Happy V-day everyone! Back in the days before Child- Scott and I would go and wait hours to be seated and have dinner out on V-day. We would spent a fortune and have a few over-priced drinks b/c that is what couples re supposed to do- right? These days... I am sooooo looking forward to him grabbing Chinese on the way home from work (yes this means I don't have to cook tonight!) and drinking a nice bottle of 2 buck chuck from trader Joes!!! We will watch Survivor and then Lost my 2 favorite shows. No gift exchanges just a wonderful chill night!

I hope many of you are doing what you want for V-day and not what you think you should do- hee hee

Here is a freaky little glimps at some fabric on wood art in progress- She just looks creepy to me in pieces- ha ha

Here is the drawing on the wood with just the sky put on- she will be in my Etsy shop by tomorrow!

I have felt so uncreative lately. I have had my hands full with London and no ideas flowing....I think that my mind is racing again so I will hopefully be making lots of new things again! I hate writers/artist block.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Botanical Garden!

Belmont NC Botanical Gardens

This was the coolest little hanging plant- Im not sure what it is?

Banana Tree - It's leaves are HUGE

Ahhhh Succulents!
Orchid Rock Wall / Waterfall- it's stunning

So we went to the Belmont Botanical Garden last weekend. Such a fantastic little gem to have so close to my house. They have this new Orchid Greenhouse that just opened up in 2008 and it is stunning. I can't wait to go visit in the spring and summer when all the outside plants are blooming too!

I thought these leaves looked fake they are really cool

They also had many pieces of work on display in the front lobbies. There is a group of 4 artist who paint Orchids on Silk- they are amazingly rich and look incredibly real!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sunny/Warm Days in Feb.?? - No complaints here

Oh goodness so it has been days but I am still here. London is keeping me on my toes and away from the computer- hee hee We have been enjoying the super WARM weather by taking lots of walks and going to the park and even swinging in the hammock-which London loves.


So here is a piece I just finished. I scanned it in right before I polyurethaned it but I will have a better photo when I list it on Etsy. Funny thing is I just figured out how to brighten things on my scanner yesterday by accident. (I have only had it since mid Dec. and haven't used it very much) This piece is gesso, acrylic and fabric on wood.