Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm still here...

I know it only takes a few minutes of my time but sometimes life swirls around me so fast a few minutes are hard to spare. After being very sick with mono and strep almost the entire month of March I am finally back to making some art. It was just a little break, right?

Here are 2 new custom pieces I have finished in the last week. The top one is called "The Guardian" and features a very protective raven. Loved making this piece and I have to say he is my very first raven!

This sweet piece is another custom piece for a wonderful return customer. She always has the best ideas about what she wants and I have so much fun illustrating them!
This piece features the Archer (the name of her son) constellation in the night sky. There are fireflies buzzing about as well as they gaze up. The name of the piece is "You can't take the sky from me" with I just adore!

And now for something even cooler, I am a member of a super awesome treasury team on Etsy and they have interviewed me on our blog.
Come stop by and give me a shout if you can! Read my interview HERE!

Back to life, and hopefully I will be back here soon!