Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A touchy subject

Lately there have been many threads and conversations started about copying on and off Etsy. It has been happening in the worst kind of way. I am sure that it will always be an endless battle that us true artists will always have to fight.

The worst kind I have seen is the actual copy and pasteing of someones images and descriptions. This really happened and this person ordered several things from the shop they copy and pasted from. Posted them on another handmade selling site (dawanda) and maked them up 3 x's the price. They were called out and removed the items promply- then went on to Etsy and left Nasty Negative feedback - which I see this morning that Etsy took care of- yay.

I guess these are the pros and cons of putting your work out there for the entire world to see. Yes you want to be noticed and successful and loved but not ripped off!

I have not had this happen to me yet (that I know of) but I am holding my breath. I have even taught a class on how to do my technique. There were 6 ladies in the class and each one walked out with a totally different style of piece. I guess it is similar to the technique of painting. It is taught all over the world and there are millions of painters but there are also millions of styles that emerge from the timeless and classic skill of painting.

I have shared my secrets before on how I do what I do, but I would hope and pray that if someone is so interested in my techinque they would put their own images and thoughts into it and not steal mine! Just my 2 cents on the matter.

Here is one of my favorite little images- I still have the original and now Prints :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Postcards!

"All my Ladies" - Set of 6 Archival Postcards

Here is my set of "All the Ladies" Archival 4.25 x 5.5 postcards. I keep hearing the lyrics to whatever that song is " All the ladies....all the ladies now". Of course if you have ever stopped by my shop or been to my house to see what adorns my walls - you know that I love to draw, paint, sketch, fabric on wood the female figure. I used to take figure drawing classes in college and they were the highlight of my week. We did draw nude men and women - it has always been a passion of mine. In class I would draw my own hands or make up faces and figures. I actually came up with many a concept for pieces that way.

Anyway, I just listed these this morning. The listing is for a set of 6 instead of 4. I am going to be offering my other postcards in sets of 6 now as well. My sets of 4 go for $14 and my sets of 6 go for $20 (so there is a savings of $1).

I have a feeling that most of the folks buying them are framing them as small works of art! That makes me happy :)

I sold the first set I listed this morning quick (they sold while I was out rollerblading)!

I also have this little kitty piece I just made. I make a bunch of white cats and then made pieces around them when the mood struck!

"I see the Moon" - Original fabric on wood art