Thursday, November 11, 2010

2011 Calendar!

Here are two quick little shots from our Halloween this year. London finally understood trick or treating and got to go. He also helped pass out candy. If you can see from the picture above he was Brobee from YoGabbaGabba this year. So cute!

Scott carved our pumpkin for the front porch, I made the pumpkin seeds and London held the candles until we needed them for the pumpkin. Family fun!

Introducing my 2011 Wall Calendar - I have sold all but one, and I kind of hope that I get to keep it. lol Above is the cover which was one of my favorite custom pieces I did a year or so ago. I am really surprised at how quick these sold. I did have someone order 8 of them to give as Christmas present for friends and family. I can always do a special order for anyone interested, just let me know!

Here is the listing for the one I have left ....HERE.

Below you can see what piece I picked for each month. They are not the greatest pictures but in real life each one is super glossy and pretty!

Now below are a few 4D pictures of our little girls face. So cool to look to see while at the doctors on Tuesday. She is 4 lb and 4 oz according to her measurements. We are just shy of 33 wks right now so the count down has begun! Whooo hooo

Maybe she will come a wee bit early and give us the greatest Christmas gift of all!