Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day!!!!

Happy V-day everyone! Back in the days before Child- Scott and I would go and wait hours to be seated and have dinner out on V-day. We would spent a fortune and have a few over-priced drinks b/c that is what couples re supposed to do- right? These days... I am sooooo looking forward to him grabbing Chinese on the way home from work (yes this means I don't have to cook tonight!) and drinking a nice bottle of 2 buck chuck from trader Joes!!! We will watch Survivor and then Lost my 2 favorite shows. No gift exchanges just a wonderful chill night!

I hope many of you are doing what you want for V-day and not what you think you should do- hee hee

Here is a freaky little glimps at some fabric on wood art in progress- She just looks creepy to me in pieces- ha ha

Here is the drawing on the wood with just the sky put on- she will be in my Etsy shop by tomorrow!

I have felt so uncreative lately. I have had my hands full with London and no ideas flowing....I think that my mind is racing again so I will hopefully be making lots of new things again! I hate writers/artist block.

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