Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Postcards!

"All my Ladies" - Set of 6 Archival Postcards

Here is my set of "All the Ladies" Archival 4.25 x 5.5 postcards. I keep hearing the lyrics to whatever that song is " All the ladies....all the ladies now". Of course if you have ever stopped by my shop or been to my house to see what adorns my walls - you know that I love to draw, paint, sketch, fabric on wood the female figure. I used to take figure drawing classes in college and they were the highlight of my week. We did draw nude men and women - it has always been a passion of mine. In class I would draw my own hands or make up faces and figures. I actually came up with many a concept for pieces that way.

Anyway, I just listed these this morning. The listing is for a set of 6 instead of 4. I am going to be offering my other postcards in sets of 6 now as well. My sets of 4 go for $14 and my sets of 6 go for $20 (so there is a savings of $1).

I have a feeling that most of the folks buying them are framing them as small works of art! That makes me happy :)

I sold the first set I listed this morning quick (they sold while I was out rollerblading)!

I also have this little kitty piece I just made. I make a bunch of white cats and then made pieces around them when the mood struck!

"I see the Moon" - Original fabric on wood art

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