Sunday, March 21, 2010

The hot wax and fabric meet!

"Unexpected Guest" - new encaustic and fabric on wood
This one has fabric fused in between layers of wax which I have been playing with on the last few encaustic pieces. Fun!

Black bear close up...Red tent close up

Here is the piece "When Shadows Fall" that is finally finished. I love how it turned out and was the first one I added fabric too. The trick is that the fabric must be totally dry before adding the hot wax or it just get tons of tiny little holes in the wax and it chips off or cracks. If the fabric is dry (from the staflo, which is water based, water and wax resist) then the encaustic medium/paints go on very stable.

Here is how the piece "I might be dreaming" started out as a sketch. I try to get sketching done while I play outside with London. That way I can set it down quick if I need to or take it with me to another part of the yard depending upon where he is. A lot of times I get nothing done as he likes to say, "Mommy come or mommy hold my hand" as soon as I open up my sketch book.

First layer of clear medium applied. The pink sky was put down first before any of the fabric was added. This is what the medium looks like before it cools off (kind of milky).

My favorite part on this piece is the part of the sky with the petals. :)

Below is her face close up. She has details on the fabric but then I came back on top of the clear medium and fabric with some encaustic paints and touched up some detail.

This was Scott and London playing with playdoh a week or so ago. London tends to get into a heavy breathing trance when the playdoh comes out. He never really does much more then pull pieces off and play with all the tools but it sure is a good time.

Here are some fabric letters I worked on last night and today. I am going to drill two holes in each square (top 2 corners) and thread string through them. They will then become a banner that will hang on the front of my table at shows. People always seem to have questions about what medium my work is at shows. Hoping this will make them want to come up to my table and see for themselves. Of course right now I do not plan on doing any shows until Oct. and Nov. but at least I will have this ready!

Nothing too exciting going on here, just thought I would share these new pieces and project. Until next time...take care!


Cathy Nichols Art said...

Oh, Shellie! Look at your new encaustic piece. Such fun. You've done so nicely with it! And I LOVE the fabric letters. Great idea.

shellieartist said...

You are too kind Cathy! :) I wish that I could get up to my studio more but alas my little guy stopped napping last August. lol Luckily I can do the fabric parts downstairs while he plays. Thanks for all your kind words. We will see how my fabric on wood banner turns out. It really did not take long to do once I cut out each piece of wood. I suppose if this one does not work I will try again. :)