Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some New art!!!

"Bloody Mary" - Original fabric on wood art

York County Art Museum Show Nov. 1st

" They Shall become One" - original fabric on wood art

Here are just a of my new stuff. I have been trying to play catch up after a couple of super busy weeks. I had a show and sold a ton of pieces. I still have over 1o0 in my inventory but I must keep working. I plan to start selling prints soon- keeping my fingers crossed that I will have saved up enough for the printer before the beginning of the year (tax write off- ha ha). Anyway here are some photos of new work and the show I participated in at the York County Art Museum in Rock Hill, SC. I am also trying to make my blog a more regular thing!!! So see you back here soon!


Greeneyes said...

You are really talented , I would love to have your space to do art , I am not talented but love to just the same , the light in that room must be awesome . Good luck with it all !

Take care


shellieartist said...

Thanks Green Eyes- it is a great space!