Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things....

"Lost" - Original Fabric on Wood art

I think this is my new favorite piece that I have done (sometimes ya just gotta have a favorite). I am usually such a blue person but I am so drawn to these monochromatic gold and yellow pieces lately. I will be going to this GIANT local fabric store in the next couple of weeks and I am hoping to stock up on all kinds of goodies!!! Then when I get home with all my new fabrics my mind is racing a mile a minute b/c it almost can't contain all the images that come to life! I LOVE making ART!!!!

Another one of my Favorite things right now is this DARLING little bear hat that I ordered from - she has the best little helmet hats. And I tell you if the adult monkey helmet had been in there when I ordered the bear helmet I would have switched over and ordered a monkey helmet for my son and husband. So cute

If anyone out there reads my blog...for the love of God leave me a comment! I feel so alone on here - sighhhhh


Adelle Tilton said...

You are not alone! You are NEVER alone! But it does feel that way with a blog sometimes, doesn't it?

I didn't know you had a little one!! What an adorable baby! That is a great smile in that photo.

And I also didn't know you just had a birthday! Happy birthday to you - I hope it was a wonderful day.

I'll be buzzing by your blog every so often now that I know about it. I missed the link on your Etsy shop before because I was so bedazzled by your work - I am your biggest fan you know.

I am working on a way to get that new monochromatic one - "Lost" and I want SOOOOO bad "Full Moon". And all of your ones with black cats.

I need a bigger house with more walls because of you! LOL

My blog (one of them anyway) is at and the links to my others can be found there. Drop by when you get a chance.

((big birthday hugs))


shellieartist said...

thanks Adelle- It made me smile to see that I had a visitor and then another smile to see it was you!!! thanks again so much