Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Sisters On Etsy...

I have been meaning to feature these two but somehow it always slips my mind... so here it goes.

"Go get your Own Nut " Tote bag

My sister Christie is the newest to Etsy. She quit her job back in December after her Roommate announced her engagement and told my sister that she had a few weeks to move out (Ouch!). She moved back to Charlotte and in with our other sisters in her one bedroom apt. Things were super tight to say the least. Since Christie had all this time on her hands and very few interviews lined up she began sewing again.

Going Green Small Clutch/Pouch

I have always told her about etsy and she would direct friends to my shop here and there. As she began to play around on it she decided to set up shop as well and try to sell some of the scraves she had made a while back. Then she began thinking of new things she could make. She began making her own patterns for pouches and totes and really started to have fun with it!

Well somewhere along the way (Feb.ish) she was told about the opportunities in Alaska during the tourist season. She started to research and got a phone interview. She found an affordable one-way flight and went for it. She has been there a little less than a week and will start giving Whale Tours in another week or so. I admire her courage to just pick up and do something totally unique by herself. Cheers little Sis!

You can find her on etsy at volleyballgirl Yes I am doing all her shipping so never fear! :)

Now my other ... Angie has been making jewelry for Years! Everytime we do craft/art show she sells a ton. She does work fulltime so she has not quite dove into etsy like I would like her too. I think if her sales picked up she would be all over it. Come and check her out and give her a heart or better yet buy something- hee hee myblackeyedsusan

"Button Me Up" Vintage style Necklace

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