Sunday, June 15, 2008 Fun

Handy dandy laser...gave us a nice straight line!

I was really intimidated to put these decals that I just bought from (yes custom order!) up for some reason. But once my husband and I read through the directions carefully we set up the laser line on the wall and went to work. Here is what it looks like - I just love it and I am already planning my next order with humsandtiddelypoms!
Oh and for anyone who is unsure about putting up your decals it is actually alot of fun and very easy!

London is playing the whole time- so cute! Of course please excuse the messey play room - ha

I know there are boobies on the wall- this was a piece I drew in college in figure drawing class- it's art right. Plus is was in the playroom (which is actually our front foyer) before London was born. At least I am trying to put up some educational things for him....ABC's - yay!

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