Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coffee Break

Yes the days have flown by and somehow we are in the midst of August. I can hardly believe that the summer is coming to a close in a matter of weeks. However, I am very excited for September b/c we will be taking London to the beach for the very first time (since he was in my tummy). I just know he is going to love the sand and water and breeze.

Here a piece that I just finished and listed in my Etsy shop. I ordered a bunch of fabrics from a few weeks ago. They came the very next day and it was like receiving a pot of gold in the mail. I just can't get enough of them!
Seems that I have just recently started drinking coffee. I used to only drink it if Scott brewed some up but then I got him to show me how- ha ha. Now, I would say maybe 3 times a week brew up some coffee to enjoy while London eats his breakfast. I like it with some splenda or equal and sugar-free hazelnut creamer. Yum and what a treat that little coffee break can be!



Brandy said...

I love that! I would LOVE to know how you got into your craft and exactly how you get your fabric to stay put on the wood. THAT is AMAZING!

shellieartist said...

Brandy - thanks so much :) I use a liquid starch to apply my fabric and then polyurethane the entire top when I am done. I kind of came up with my process shortly after graduating college in Dec.'99. Ever since I have been doing this and loving it!