Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stock Piled

London enjoying my 32nd Birthday present with Dessa- hee hee
My shop is so full with originals and archival prints I have tried to sloooow down lately making new things. This season has been considerbly slower this year than last - but with the economy I am trying not to take it personal- ha ha I think many of us are just trying to pay our bills and there is not much left for the fun stuff. Of course I am still making some new pieces as ideas and images come to me but I am just enjoying my time with London and not feeling the pressure to stock pile my virtual shelves (b/c they are already stock piled with 348 items).

2 new pieces

"Lean Just a Little" - Original Fabric on Wood art - in the shop now

"The Wooden Girl who Longed for More" - Original fabric on wood art - in the shop also

Scott and I in Key West - sitting on the curb watching the Christmas parade

Scott and I enjoying the Sunset after Caroline and Ciaran's wedding..ahhhh
We just got back from our first vacation in over a year. One of my very good (and oldest friend) got married in the Fl. Keys. We are talking amazing amazing wedding. She did such a great job and everything seemed to go down flawlessly. I am missing the warm Fl Keys already but I am super happy to be back home with my little guy. Don't worry he had a blast with Granny and Grandaddy. He didn't cry once until we got home and he realized we had been gone. ha ha
Christmas is coming and I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season...enjoy your families and of course some lowfat eggnog (I know I will be)!

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wow- we'd like to do an Artist Spotlight interview w/ you... get in touch :)