Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All these stay at home Moms

London and I and of course "Brownie" the Owl at Finn's b-day party

Our feet right before we plowed down this big slide!

Recently I have reconnected with many old friends on facebook. I was chatting with a guy friend from high school yesterday and he was so baffled or maybe more surprised at how many stay at home moms many of his old friends have become. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and realize how special this really is that I get to do just that. Yes I have my little business selling my art on Etsy and the occasional show but really I am a MOM.

When London first arrived I was pretty sure that I was going to quit my job when my (unpaid) maternity leave was up. When that day finally came and I took my little 3 month old London with me to turn in my notice, I cried the entire drive there. It was an easy decision but there was still this part of my life that I had always known and that I had worked so hard to get to and I was pretty much saying goodbye.

Now my days are filled with grahm crackers, peek-a-boo, playing with leaves and sticks outside, at least one tantrum a day (but hey I know adults how do that too) and digging out anything on wheels he shoves over and over again underneath his bed. It can be very stressful having only one steady income and knowing how hard my husband works and what he sacrifices for me to be home. But looking back I would not change a thing and I thank God every day for this life that I have!

A new piece in the shop called "Amber Skies" - Original Fabric on Wood art


Alicia said...

Love what you said and love the new piece. Very different colors for you from the norm. I like!

shellieartist said...

Thank you girl...I am happy the you are enjoying your time home with your sweet little ones. They grow up so fast - it really is a gift to be able to stay home with them.