Sunday, June 29, 2008

I want to go there...

To this exact spot. Tell me this does not look so inviting. I was commissioned to make this piece. The buyer lives in Hawaii and this is her husband. See the volcano steaming in the background- so awesome. I know this piece has spiritual meaning (and if I need to remove this photo let me know).

I know they film lost in Hawaii and the coolest thing is one of my brothers friends lends her little baby boy to the cast. He is baby Aaron on the show- I have heard there are not that many little blonde blue eyed white babies to choose from- just what I heard.

Anyway, someday when I get the chance I might just venture to the beautiful island...someday.
I have only played in the Pacific Ocean once and would love to go back!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Color Me PINK

Just wanted to share this piece I made for the Walk for Breast Cancer as a donation. I have prints up for sale in my Etsy shop but the original will be auctioned off next week. I am going to the fundraising event and am so excited. It is a wine tasting at a wonderful resturant in Charlotte! Anyway, to all those who walk or dontate CHEERS and keep up the good work. Someday perhaps they will find a cure!

"Her Courage" - Original Fabric on Wood

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Butter Bean

My little guy and I have been hanging at the pool this summer. We go up there just about everyday as one of our activities. He is at such a fun age and loves to splash and splash and splash. Fortunatly for him he got my hubbies good skin coloring. As his granddaddy said today, "that boy is as brown as a little butter bean". I thought that was cute. Here he is in all his bleach blonde hair and butter bean skin. I swear I lather him up with spf 45. He is almost a year and 1/2 how time flies (yet I still would not be caught dead in a bikini again this summer).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Custom this!

I have a few custom request lately and I love it! Sometimes when I can't seem to come up with much as far as subject matter- a good custom order with jump start me back into gear. It gets my wheels turning. I generally make what I like but I like to make what "YOU" like.

Here are 2 pieces I am working on that have not been polyurethaned yet. They are similar to ones I have done but are bigger and very specific to the buyers requests!

Sunday, June 15, 2008 Fun

Handy dandy laser...gave us a nice straight line!

I was really intimidated to put these decals that I just bought from (yes custom order!) up for some reason. But once my husband and I read through the directions carefully we set up the laser line on the wall and went to work. Here is what it looks like - I just love it and I am already planning my next order with humsandtiddelypoms!
Oh and for anyone who is unsure about putting up your decals it is actually alot of fun and very easy!

London is playing the whole time- so cute! Of course please excuse the messey play room - ha

I know there are boobies on the wall- this was a piece I drew in college in figure drawing class- it's art right. Plus is was in the playroom (which is actually our front foyer) before London was born. At least I am trying to put up some educational things for him....ABC's - yay!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let's Hit the Woods

Ahhh- I am longing for the days of a little backpacking or Car Camping. Since our son has been born we have not been. Yes that was almost a year 1/2 ago. I guess we could always leave him behind at the grand parents but I hate to do that when I don't HAVE to. So to make up for not getting my hand dirty out in the woods I make art about it. Here is the original piece I made which I sold the original and now only have prints

Water's Edge Campsite -original was 5 x 5

I redid it and call this one RiverSide Campsite and it is 10 x 10. I did not have the exact same fabiric which is ok with me as I like to have my originals slightly different making them still original- ha

So I encourage those who do not have small children holding them back to hit the woods for me and have a good old time. If you like these I have many other camping pieces throughout my Etsy shop. Just click on the "outdoorsy folks" category and you will find many more goodies. Also I have many prints of camping originals I have sold.