Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Works & and Xenotees on London...

"We Knew it was just the Beginning" - Fabric on Wood
I finally finished and named this commission piece which I think is a new favorite of mine.
It is still secret who it is for b/c she is surprising her boyfriend of a year with it on their 1st anniversary. I think that is so sweet and I am just delighted to have been asked to make a piece for them!

Green Patch III - which was sold to my fabulous friend Vicki (aka paperbeadgirl) who is on her journey to being as very successful inventor and I am so lucky to have gotten to know her over the past year! Go Vicki!

Here is another custom order I had last week. The sweetest customer bought the French toast and then asked me to make a matching (in size) Kiss my Grits and Pancakes. I just live for projects such as this and worked until they were done!

Then the next day I woke up not feeling so hot and have been sick all week. I gave it to London and we are slowly feeling a little better. I am blaming it all on the weather changes.

Good Night - original fabric on wood in the shop now. Oh I so want to go camping soon!

In the Heat of it All - New in the shop . I have been fabric shopping the past few weeks and found some fun new fabrics that I had to put to use. All of these in this piece are from my new stash! hooray:)

And finally, my husband told me I should make a piece with the beach and flip here is what I came up with.
As far as the Eye can see - this fabric on wood piece is in the shop now and boy do I wish I had a beach house to put it in - lol

London sporting his new Xenotees shirt. How cute is he. Noelle at Xenotees is the sweetest and surprised me with a sweet shirt for London with my order of the sawblade shirt for me!
He wore it all day and I have to say was quite adorable!
You can get your own here

London has been sick all week so we set up camp with his stuffed animal school. He listens to music and plays with them on the floor...I think it's sweet and thought I would share. Then when he gets burst of energy he runs laps around the blanket and his stuffed funny, and yes I have it on video!

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!

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