Monday, May 4, 2009


"You Deserve the World" - new in the shop here...I love the colors in this one and how it turned out. :)
Below: I hung it on the pole in the sugar snap peas in the garden. Speaking of garden I will get some updated pictures up soon. Everything is growing growing exciting!

So we have been working diligently with London on his speech. He is picking up new words everyday. Finally at almost 2 1/2 he can say "Momma". Before now and still sometimes he calls me "Dada" and my husband is "Daddy". He has been able to say the "M" sound for a long long time but would often replace m's for d's. He would say Doon instead of Moon. There is a technical name for what he does, which I can not remember, but he is improving everyday. Since last Friday he can now say....Momma, doggie, ouch, Night Light, eyes, moon and the beginning of a line from one of his nursery rhyms songs. He sings the beginning of "Go to sleep you little baby", except the last part of that line is very jibberish.
On days when he goes down for a nap but does not actually nap he calls for daddy when he is ready to get out. Today he called for Daddy and Momma!!! Yeah
It is the coolest thing to see him grow and learn and discover new things. What a treat to spend my days with my London!


Block Party Press said...

Congrats Shelly and just in time for Mother's Day!

shellieartist said...

awww, you are right. Maybe that is his mommy's day gift to me. He really worked hard to spit it out and today he actually sang the word "momma" over and over again to the tune of "skip to my lou". Such a silly one. hee hee

Cathy Nichols Art said...

This is a really beautiful and romantic painting, Shellie. Love it. And congrats to London on his new words!

**Robin** said...

Love your new pieces..fantastic..!! Robin