Monday, June 22, 2009

Portrait Sketching

Did a quick little sketch of London the other day. I seriously sat down for about 7 minutes and sketched quickly but some of the detail was lost when scanned in b/c I used light pencil. I used to take a sketch book with me everywhere and draw strangers, friends or honestly anyone who would sit still long enough. Thinking I need to get that skill back as it has been a while and I miss it. Sometime it is like switching gears to go from fabric on wood to painting to portrait drawing to digitally coloring thing (which I am not very good at).
This is the first of many..I hope. :)

And about my poor digital coloring skills and lack of photoshop knowledge...anyone have any Wacom Tablet suggestions. I have been eying them on ebay lately and really think I just want to get a small one to begin (unless I can get a good deal on a medium one). The mouse just isn't cutting it. I have so many drawing that I want to turn digital but with my sketchy style of drawing there always seem to be white spots where there are not suppose to be. I am open to any suggestions and hope I can get one soon so I can begin playing around. Also, I want to start creating patterns and things so that I can have some fabrics made on
If you have not checked out spoonflower is the coolest little place and I can not wait to order some fabrics. I do not think that I will sell any...just use them in my own fabric on wood work - al least that is the plan for now.

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