Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe he'll be an artist too....

"On Top of the World with You" - I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with some of these fabric combos going on in this piece, and I seem to keep using them in many of my new works. This original has sold but I do offer it in archival print in my shop.

So today it was rainy and cloudy and just not a good day for playing outside. And at one point this morning I had set up the watercolors for London (upon his request). So he finger painted and played in the water with his hands and the brush like he likes to do. And then we went on to playing with other things and I forgot to empty the watercolor water and put the paints away.

I thought that London was still playing with a bunch of new cars my mom brought his this weekend at the table. I was working on a new little piece and was not looking at him head on. I remember thinking...,"hummm he seems a little quite all the sudden" and I turned to look at him and this is the face I saw looking back at me.
Tell me he is not the cutest little blue lipped boy- ha ha.

Perhaps we will have a little artist on our hands someday...he sure does like to get into all mommy's supplies and color on whatever mommy is working on. ha ha
Whatever he ends up being or enjoying I am sure I will be happy with.

Scott has been working a lot of weekends and late nights so we get so excited when he has a whole day off to spend with us. Here is London and Scott playing their favorite game..."Tickle Tickle...turn London upside down and Tickle"

Also, notice London is holding his little light up ring we brought back from Kelsey's Bat Mitzvah Scott and I attended Sat. night (it was super fun!)

And now for some pieces I have posted in the shop but not on here yet...

This one is the 3rd one in my Gathering Girls series... She is called "Gathering - Blossoms"

And another one that is a series of sorts to my original Content with being Alone lady...
"Content with being Alone - Golden Moon version"
I love this one and am obsessed with the fabric I used in here blanket/robe thingy. :)

And finally this is another piece that goes in my Abstract Couples category.
"Marry Me" - original fabric on wood...and again many of those greens I just can't get enough of!

Oh and I had my very first artfire sale the other day. It was just a little ACEO print but you better believe I was overjoyed and doing the "happy dance" - whoo hoo

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treasurefield said...

I love that "On Top of the World"; your use of swirls really grabs me! Also, I love the combination of midnight blue, burgundy & chartreuse.
London looks pretty good in blue, too. Hehe ;) I feel sure he'll be creative in lots of ways after watching his mommy!