Friday, September 11, 2009

Haircut for a little boy

So I finally admitted to myself that I did not have a clue what I was doing when trimming London's hair. Not to mention he is not one to sit still when he sees the scissors coming. As the bowl cut started to get out of hand, I had to do something. Last week we took a spontaneous trip into Charlotte and stopped by the ubber expensive Doolittles. They have quite the circus going on in there. After driving the steering wheel in the little car, 2 suckers and a movie playing on the flat screen right next to the mirror...his hair was finally cut. What a handsome little guy he is I might add. And if a haircut to make him look like a big boy wasn't enough, he is now sleeping in his big boy bed. We are saying bye bye to the crib this weekend and hopefully will be putting in a teepee real soon!

My folks came by the other night to see Londons new do. We had him up late b/c he took like a 5 hour nap and didn't wake up until almost he had a second wind of course. One of our favorite little songs to sing is "Moon Moon Moon" and when it is dark out and he is still awake he goes moon hunting. Here he is with my mom out front looking for the moon. It was hiding that night but sure was fun to look.

Pre-haircut - He acutally did not want us to take it out so we snapped a few shots. bye bye summer blonde.

Fall is in the Air - new original in my shop the original sketch on wood below

Can not wait for Fall and pumpkins and sweaters and colorful leaves and hot apple cider!

Here are two custom kitchen pieces I did for a wonderful friend. I will never tire of coffee and grits!

And Finally here is another new piece in the shop, Brown Hare Brown Hare
I love drawing new critters and I used the same grass stlye here as I did in a recent custom wedding order (in a few posts below)

It has cooled here quite a bit and I am so ready for the crispy air. It is times like this when I really really miss being in Boone, NC. Anyway, good bye summer...hello Autumn!

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