Monday, September 21, 2009

The crib is GONE...and few other new things

Some wee little thank you note I made today. Depending upon how the making of more goes...I may makes some to sell??? We shall see for now they are for me to include in packages.

I have ordered 2 different thank you notes on etsy to include in my packages and finally decided to try some of my own. Seeing what works and what doesn't I can't wait to make some more and play around with them. The picture above are my 3 favorites out of this batch.

Over the weekend we packed up London's crib and crib tent. Acutally the crib was bought used and had some issues after a while. When Scott took it apart one side cracked so we had to chuck it. There was no turning back.

Here is Scott packing up London's big boy bed to move it over to the side where the crib was. We also brought down his fort that has been up in attic for lack of places to put it. That is now in the corner where his bed used to be.

London and I playing around with my new camera. The top photo was supposed to pick up the blue in our eyes but I think it was too over cast out. And below we set it to pick up black...I think London's eyes look cool.

And now for a custom piece I had the pleasure of working on this week. I really have the best customers and many turn out to be great friends too!
This piece was a larger version of the smaller piece "Content with being Alone - Golden Moon version" - which is still in my shop.
With the great eye of my customer we changed out a few fabrics and I think the end result turned out great!

"The Light that Shines on Me" is 20" x 20" and turns out has a beautiful story behind her.

Sometime I think some of my best work is when I have a little bit of direction from a customer. All of your ideas and input are so important and help me step out of the box in my mind to see things the way someone else does.

I am so happy that tomorrow is Fall.
Crunchy leave are on the way...which I am sure is going to drive my father in-law crazy since he told us the other day he finally got rid of all of last years leaves- hee hee. Take care everyone and start mixing up some apple cider and pumpkin spiced things- LOL

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