Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mr. Calhoun

Last week we lost our beloved dog Calhoun. My husband has had him since he was 5 weeks old, hiked 600 miles of the Appalachain Trail with him. He was 13 1/2 and it was really really hard to let him go. I thought I would do a little post with a few photos. Most of my photos of him are on my desk top but if I put some on this computer I may add them later.

He is the one in the back of the top photo...Alex is the one closest to the camera. They were a tight little pack. It still hurts so much that he is gone.

Best buddies

Always in the background.

xoxox...to you sweet Calhoun :)

1 comment:

treasurefield said...

Awww..! That is so sad! And really hard, I'm sure, for all of you including Alex. I know how you feel.
Just sending (((hugs)))