Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers day and more...

We have been very busy around here lately. From hosting Mother's day (which took me a few days to clean the house to get it ready) to keeping up with a teething baby and a very active 4 yr old. I have been able to squeeze in some art and even a few more custom piece here and there. I am still working on a bigger custom piece that is still in my head but here is a little one that I finished not too long ago. It will be the blog banner for my clients blog. Fun huh!

I made a new Mountain House piece called Mountain House under Stars, and you can find it in my shop HERE. I just love the rich colors in this one and I think this might become a new theme for me...lots of rustic pieces to come!

We had family and friends over for Mother's Day and had a blast with lots of good food and the celebrations of mothers. Here is London with one of his favorite playmates (who moved away about a year ago but was in town for the weekend). Him and Bella ran up and down the halls playing tag, what fun!

Here is Scott and Roxy, there is no denying who her Daddy is, do they not look so alike in this picture?

And here is Roxy asleep on Granddaddy as always. He has the touch and anytime they watch her for me when I come to pick them up she is always asleep on her Granddaddy. Too funny.

Here is Uncle Nate (my brother) and his wife Aunt Ginger holding Miss. Roxy. Love this shot of them!

New Little Pink Cupcake the shop Here.

Camping is a big topic in our house. Scott camped out with London in the back yard a few weekends ago for his very first camp out. Here is one of our many many tents set up in the den for London. Look who likes to camp out with him (Ms. Dessa).

It has become tradition that at the end of the school year I make a piece for London's teacher. This year I found out that his wonderful 3yr/o class room teacher Mrs. Tammy loves Callalillies. So I went to work and here is what I came up with. I may offer prints of this one soon in my etsy shop.

Roxy is 5 months old today and just this week I gave her solids for the first time. She has done really well but here are a couple funny shots from her first tastes. Too cute and reminds me how fast they grow up.

Summer has officially begun here as London had his last day of 3 y/o preschool. What is a mom to do with no breaks. Well we have joined a neighborhood pool a few neighborhoods away. We bought a plastic pool for the back porch. We will continue with swim lessons (as London is quite the little swimmer). And I guess just try to stay cool. Hopefully I will get some art made somewhere in there, probably at night after the kids are in bed, but that's ok. Looking forward to sleeping in, if only I could tell the kids that is a good idea. haha


gadabout said...

I came to visit your blog and saw my banner!! If you can't tell, I absolutely love it! I have had so much fun designing my blog around it, thank you so much, Shellie!

Your teacher gift is so cute and it gave me an idea for a gift for a wedding I am in this October (in South Carolina, no less!) I will contact you soon to get that going. Still so happy I found your Etsy shop, what a blessing!

MulticoloredPieces said...

I just happened upon your blog and really enjoyed it. Your artwork is lovely--I like your creative use of fabric on wood. Gives food for thought. And congratulations for the lovely baby!
best, nadia

shellieartist said...

Thank you ladies! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and for all the kind words. :)