Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh the Hotness of Summer

It has been a HOT and a busy summer so far. I did an outdoor show last weekend. The sun was shining and I met some fabulous folks. Actually one that lives on my block and is also an artist. This is crazy b/c the show was in Charlotte across town, I always say you just never know who you might meet!

Here is my booth set up. My dear friend Courtney of Floradora Inc. made me this awesome table clothe. I tried to make things a bit more rustic with chalkboard painted jars, twigs, an old wooden box, picnic basket and burlap!

Now onto all the art I have been busy making. This piece below was a big commission piece. It was 18" x 24" and we never gave it a name. lol

The above piece is also a bigger one and is in my shop here. It is 24" x 30 and is titled "You are my Sky Above".

I have been back into making "Gathering girls". The one above has sold but I do have some archival prints of "gathering fireflies" here.

Below is a new Gathering girl name "Gathering- Plums". I have no listed her yet as I am saving her for an upcoming show (read below to find out more about the "Shop for Shelter" show coming up soon).

Below is another new piece called "Light on in the Dark" you can find it in my Etsy shop here.

And finally here is another new piece called "Purple Flower Sun" and you can find it here!

Here are my little ones playing. Roxy is now 6 months old and 17 pounds (love those little baby rolls). London is 4 1/2 and busy as a bee these days. What an imagination he has on him! :)

And finally I would love to invite any of you who are local to a great show I have been helping to set up. It is called "Shop for Shelter" and is coming up on Thursday June 30 from 5-10pm. We will be selling art and also raising money for United Family Services, new battered Women's Shelter. This event is going to be amazing.
The show will be in the model/showcase home in Longview Country Club in Waxhaw.
The address of the show is
8908 Longview Country Club Drive
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Here is the link to our events page on Facebook!
Read over everything carefully and I hope to see you there!

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