Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's my Birthday!!!

One of my college buddies, Darrah, called me today to wish me a happy birthday (hers is on the 10th of Dec. so we never forget each others b-days). She was going camping and I was a little jealous. When you have a baby you can't just pick up and hit the woods. Of course he will not be a baby forever and soon he will be a toddler b/c he is this close to walking.
So here is a little piece called "Red Tent" that I just finished...wishing just a little bit that I was there at that campsite. :)

Nothin like a super chill B-day at home with the family!
My husband made me Enchiladas for dinner and they were super YUMMY!!! (thanks babe)
CHEERS and Happy Birthday to all the other Dec. 1st born!

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