Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall is flying by...

Seriously where had the time gone? I of course have been a slack blogger as I basically took the month of Oct off from blogging.

London at that Zoo...loving on the Lion statues

We have a new president and hopefully he will bring about much needed change. I usually do not talk politics b/c I am not much for debating. Therefore, I will keep it short and sweet...I am happy with the results even though I feel like my vote here in SC was wasted b/c it went to Red (middle of the Bible belt and I suppose that is what happens) :) I did wait in line about 1 hour and 20 mins but it was so worth it just to have a voice, for that I am thankful!

Here is a new piece that I just adore. I love the way the patterns on the fabric just fell into place on this one. I love her pale skin against her deep red lips. If I could only draw faces all day long I would not be opposed.

Her Eyes Gave her Away - Original fabric on wood art (in my shop now :)

Now a few pictures from what we have been up to in this month of no postings.

Scott, London and I at the Columbia Zoo on Nov. 2

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful leaf changes...they have finally gone colorful here.

Little bits of Love - Original fabric on wood art (in my shop now )


Alicia said...

I voted Obama but my state went Red too. Oh well, at least I can say I voted for him. That means somethin!
Love the pics!

shellieartist said...

ha ha...yeah our state went red but if I had still lived in NC it eventually went to Obama. It is done and over and he WON! And thank you- I have so many more pictures but it takes a lot of work to upload them all. :)