Friday, July 10, 2009


So finally the weekend is upon us and I am going to the mountains and my wonderful in-laws are keeping London for us! We get to go tubing down the Green river and not worry about baby-gating the steps or trying to get him to sleep when he wants to stay up way past bedtime. We are really lucky that he loves going to stay with them and they give him undivided attention...yup...super lucky and blessed!

So here is a new piece I finished last weekend. "Skinny Dip" is the name and it is fabric on wood. I have been itching to get in there and do a little more patchwork like backgrounds. Hopefully I will do a few week.

Here is the original sketch I drew a few years ago. Keeping sketchbooks is so important to me b/c it is great to rediscover an image your brain had way back when. Had I made that piece when I originally drew it, it would have been totally different I can guarantee. Many of the fabrics I buy now are so different from the ones I used when I first started with my fabric on wood process. Also, they retire fabrics so unfortunately some of my old favorites I can not get anymore...unless I am lucky enough to find them on someone else's forgotten stash. ha

"Green Patch IV" - fabric on wood
I know a 4th in this series and actually it is the 5th if you count "Green Patch - Night" But what can I say I love these little 5" x 5"ers :)
And I suppose others like them too b/c the first 3 Green Patch originals sold and are now only available in 5" x 7" prints!

Here is a little summery piece called "Grass between my Toes" - I so wish we had a nice patch of grass in the yard. Hopefully someday.

Alright, I am off to finish packing, go outside and play with London, then come in and give him a bath , eat lunch, put him down in his crib long enough to pack the car, gather the dogs and head out. whew. No complaints here!


ZudaGay said...

Have a fabulous weekend!! Sounds like a blast! Your new work is beautiful!

shellieartist said...

thank you so much my dear Zuda! We are going to have a blast...and I am off! later :)