Thursday, January 14, 2010

I now have a 3 yr old...ahhh

One of London's b-day presents :)
London with his new buddy Scout. He takes him everywhere with him. The super cool thing is you can plug him up to the computer and program in your child's name and a few other fun things. (pretty neat huh?)

This is London's friend Bella and we play with her usually a couple times a week. Let's just say at night when London says his prayers he thanks God for Bella (heehee).

London's 3rd Birthday party

Here are a couple shots from his b-day party. I really did not take too many photos as I was running around all over the place. My friend took a few when London was opening presents. If you notice...he was pretty wore out by the end of the party. A lot going on for a 3 yr old! :)

Granny helped him eat one and 1/2 cup cakes...mmmmm.

We never seem to get many shots of Uncle Nate and Aunt Ginger with London so we tried to get him to smile. Like I said earlier he was really tired by the end of the day and had no expressions left. We could not get him to smile but trust me he had a great time.

London opening some presents. Scott and I assisting him.

Drum rollllllll.......

Here is the cake that Scott made and I is supposed to be a flashlight. lol Really we just try to have a good time making his cake every year. People were coming in and had bets on what that cake theme was going to be. We try.... :)

Here are 2 new pieces I have made

"She sent her wishes out to the World" - original fabric on wood art now in my Etsy shop :)
I just bought this fabulous red fabric and had to use it ASAP!

"His hands in my Pocket"
- original fabric on wood art.
I have been thinking about doing a "tall people" series. I have so many tall friends (and family members) that it just seems right. This is I guess the first of this possible series.
In this cold weather I am finding that the polyurethane takes longer to dry so I still need to get a clean, clear, crisp photo of this piece.

I am trying to get back into blogging a little bit more regularly. Hopefully I will be able too.
Be back soon!

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