Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waxy goodness!

FINALLY...after over a year of wanting to learn how to do encaustic paints (bees wax based hot paints) I have finally arrived...well sort of. I still feel a little bit like I have no idea what I am doing. For the past month I have been collecting the various things I needed. First and foremost I had to order my paints. I found some incredible sample sized paints here at thebeesknees1234 on etsy. And wow did they give me a deal. I ordered the sample pack and they sent me 12 free sample sized colors as well b/c I was lucky enough to be their first customer. I seriously feel like a lucky duck and I know I will be back for more soon.

Once I got started yesterday I realized that I did not have any white/clear. I needed some quick so I ordered some from this wonderful shop Jamieribisi on etsy that I have been eying since I got this itching to do encaustic paintings. She offers some wonderful paintings herself and tutorials and very nice earthy colors! I know I will be back to her shop too as I think I am addicted to this style of painting (even though I have lots to learn still).

I spend an hour the night before getting all my duck in a row. I took all my new paints out of the packaging and sorted them by color before putting them in bowls. I had to find an adapter and extention cord so I could plug up my griddle, heat gun and fan.

Here are a couple of shots of my work table right before I got started...again still not quite sure what I am doing...ahhh)

Once I started the first piece, I realized that I will need to order more tins and better paint brushes...specifically for Encaustic painting. (note to self...still need to do that)

I went in with no plan at all as I had a limited time to work on these while my son was at preschool. I think once I get some clear/white in there I will be able to show some fabrics through a lot better. But wow did I have really enjoy doing this...even if I am not sure I will ever attemp to sell either of these pieces- LOL

This one I included some fabric under the wax, but b/c I did not have any clear I used the silver sort of like a white. I came back in and carved in this one a little bit. Still not sure it is totally done as I feel like it still need to be cleaned up some.
Good learning experience in the end and I can't wait to make more...with a little more a plan now that I know a more what to expect!

Finally here is a piece I finished last week. It is Gesso on wood...with the boy and dogs the natural wood. Then on top of the gesso is permanent marker in many abstract layers of flowing lines (so much fun!)
You can find the prints "A Day at the Park" HERE in my shop. My husband will not let me part with the original. I usually sell the ones he loves so I thought I would be nice this time. haha


Sweetland Retreat said...

Oh Shellie!! That tree encaustic is so lovely!!! I love the fabric in the background-- can't wait to see what you do with the clear medium. That's going to be fantastic!! And the Beesknees' colors are so vivid-- wonderful!

treasurefield said...

Wowzie! The boy & dogs piece is irresistible! It made me think about your dogs so I can see why your husband wants to keep it.

I love the encaustic work, too! The texture is great and I like the "hazy" (is that the word?) way the fabric shows through. What a great way to expand your already-fab art!!


p.s. I love the little dancing London video!

shellieartist said...

Thank you ladies. I have to tell you that I went to one of my friends studios today and she has been playing around with encaustic for several months. Oh my goodness the things I got to see first hand. I also have some medium in my hands now and I know how to make it!!! Anyway, thanks so much for the encouragement and now that I have the medium I may just torch these pieces and start over- lol