Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mud Puddles and Paper Hats

Being that my husband has been working his butt off lately, we finally had one full day with him home. He got back in town late last night so today being the treat that it was he went out this morning and brought back doughnuts! Yay

London thinks that it is someones (his) birthday now when we have doughnuts b/c that is what I brought to his school for his birthday (which I think was such a hit it will be tradition!).
Well at school they made him a crown and he wore it while they all ate their doughnuts. So as soon as we saw the chocolate frosted doughnut with sprinkles on it this morning he asked for a birthday hat and started singing. Scott whipped one up real quick with the classified ads and all was good! lol


Now for the mud puddle action....

I think this is a fantastic picture of London. He was so happy to get out and get some fresh air. It rained on and off today and the sun came out on and off, but it was in the 60's so perfect weather for mud puddle jumping in your pj's!

Now London is very particular about what shoes he wears and will only wear a select few. But I told him it was rain boots or no outside today...he finally gave them a try. They were awesome as you can see in the photos! (thanks again granny and granddaddy for the rockin pirate boots!)

catching some air!

lookin cute with his drill and keys in hand

I have looked at these photos over and over and they just make me smile. Such a happy boy and so glad he loves being outside!

What a perfect Sunday! :)

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