Monday, August 9, 2010

IKEA goodness!

I have been wanting these shelves from IKEA for a while and my friend Kristal got them for her playroom. Well that was the push I needed to see how totally awesome they are.

Scott was off this weekend so I got this burst of energy and inspiration (finally) to get some things done around the house. I admit I am only 19 weeks so I think it is still a little early for the "nesting phase" but if I have some energy I will take it and run with it. After what feels like an eternity of having no motivation this is a much welcomed change!

Scott put them together last night after London went to bed. I helped a little but we all know I am pretty much useless when it comes to anything heavy at this point in time. Once they were together and we moved the small bookshelf into the kitchen to house our collection of shoes I got to work filling the cubbies with toys and books! What fun to get things up off the floor and onto the shelves. We are having a yard sale this coming weekend to sell a bunch of furniture and things that we just don't have room for, so believe it or not the front foyer playroom will also become the office when it is all said and done.

Here is our next project. Like I said we are having a yard sale this weekend to get rid of so many things and hopefully make enough $ to get this bad boy! You can find it at IKEA online HERE. We saw it yesterday at IKEA and added it to our wish list. It is a beauty and a problem to our "having to move the office" issue. Very soon we will be shifting London into our current guest room/office and then the new baby will be in his old room which we will transform back into a nursery. The thing that has been stressing me out is once we moved the office (desktop, scanner, 2 printers and much more) out into one of our main living spaces then all the wires would be exposed and just waiting for a child who will probably be crawling around in a year or so to get into. This corner work station is going to solve this issue. Not only does it just take up a corner (which we now have available thanks to the new shelves) but the doors close all the cords up and we can put child locks on it. What a relief! I am a happy mama. :)

Look at all that space, it is deep too and I really thing that every thing (but the bulk of our files) will fit!!!!

Scott celebrated his birthday this week. Needless to say I am not much of a baker (I am super proud of myself when I make rice crispy treats). I picked up a little Sarah Lee Key Lime pie and it was the perfect size, not a crumb left between the two of us. lol

Last weekend my friend Eden, who I met 5 years ago when she came to the states for the first time, came to visit on her travels. She just turned 21 this week and has been to almost 20 countries. She just finished traveling South America for the past 9 months and came through for a few nights before a few more stops and then back home to Israel. What a life, she is going back to save up for a trip to India, such an inspirations!

Anyway, as you can see here London had a great time with her. She chased him and tickled him and he just thought she was great!

I must get back to going through little boy clothes among other things to get ready for this yard sale. I need to get that desk. When you think about it I have to clear one room out to get the next room cleared and ready to get the next room cleared and ready...and so on!


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