Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We did it!

Yes we did it! I painfully went through all of London's little boy clothes (from 0-3T). As well as random things to sell and then watching my parents and Scott haul all the furniture we had to sell out to the carport in the muggy heat. We ended up selling all of our furniture and what clothes and books and toys did not sell my folks took to their house to have another yard sale in a few weeks.
We kicked it back up to IKEA on Sunday and bought our prized corner desk hutch!
Here is Scott following all 30 something steps to put it together.
He so kicks butt!

Scott adjusting it's location and then adding the doors!

Adding cork board to the inside of the doors!

And everything fits just perfect! No wires exposed for little hands to get into. Both our printers and my scanner fit in there just right! We are very happy with our purchase. Now I can focus on getting London's new room in order and better yet the new nursery fixed up. So much to do still but we are getting there! Yay!

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