Thursday, September 4, 2008

Couple Hours to Myself

One of my new pieces which happens to be a favorite of mine :)

"What a Beautiful Love" - Original fabric on Wood art - in my Etsy shop now!

Yes London had his first day of Mother's Morning Out and he made it the whole time! I was pleasantly suprised by this as I fully expected them to call me and tell me I need to come and get him b/c he was too upset or something.

School makes a baby tired

They did ask me if he was an only child and if he had ever been to a program like this. I said he was an only child and had never been to something like this before...and she said yup- we can pick them out of a crowd. I was also told to bring one of his favorite toys with him next week.

Overall I am very pleased.

I got a lot done while he was in school- First I went rollerblading for about 45 minute then home to shower. I finished up a commissioned piece and painted the first layer of poly on it. Then I ground up a bunch of coffee beans and brewed some coffee. After that I actually had some time to surf the net before going to pick him up (a few minutes early I might add).

This is good for London and for me!

Kitties in Progress...I will have the final piece up soon - this are 3 commissioned pieces

Now check out these photos of London and his favorite book Goodnight Moon. We have a big one and a little one and he prefers to look at both of them at the same time.

I have to wipe down the books...ugh (some things are not worth the fight)


Alicia said...

Yes, it IS good for you and for him. Congrats for getting a few mommy minutes - there's nothing better for your sanity sometimes.

Also a note about your previous post. We are having the exact same travel/pack and play issues with Mason, so if you come up with any significant breakthroughs, let me know.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! Two of his favorite books, he must REALLY like it!