Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long weekend, travels and Oh so Tired!

What a weekend. We had so much fun at my husbands cousins house. Cindy and her husband Rob and there 2 little girls (which of course I forgot to bust out the camera and get pictures- shame on me) are such a hoot and always the best hosts!

I think I am so tired because London still has a hard time sleeping in a pack n play away from home and in the same room as Scott and I. It really is a bit of torture. He woke up both nights screaming (which he almost NEVER does at home- knock on wood). So Sunday night he got in the bed with us about 1:44am and rolled around and talked all night until I finally got him back to sleep oh about 6:45am. Yes it was exhausting and I am still paying for it today. Hopefully with the other trips I have planned this month he will do a little better with the sleeping through the night in a pack n play.

Otherwise we are just taking it easy today because tomorrow I go to orientation for London's new Mother's morning out program. He starts on Thursday. I know there are going to be lots of tears and they may have to call me to come get him early but I can't tell you all the things I have planned for these 2 morning a week I will have to myself. Shower is very high on my list as I usually have to take them at 10pm ish most nights.

We added another bookshelf to London's playroom...this is it mildly messy.
Here are things I would like to do as he starts going to Mother's Morning out...

1. shower

2. vaccum/clean the house


4. running again w/o having to push the stroller- ha

5. getting groceries and being able to come right home and put them away quickly- ahhhh

it's the little things I can't wait to do!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor day weekend and fall is almost here. We went to the pool late yesterday as it was the last day it was open- boooo hooo. While there I realized that we did not get a single picture of London in the pool this summer (I never want to chance taking the camera up there). We are going to get pictures at the beach next week - hopefully if there are no hurricanes- yike.

London got a hold of Scott's Pork Pie Hat....I wasn't fast enough to catch him with it on his head but trust me it was cute!

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BackwoodSophisticate said...

Yes, I remember those days, when on trips they had to sleep in the porta-crib.
I know all about 10pm showers also.
Enjoy your upcoming me-time. It is a good thing!