Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dustings of White {our 1st snow day this winter}

Here is a new little piece...I am into these shadowy people.
"The Moon Cast her Shadow" - new Fabric on wood piece in the shop..prints coming soon or upon request :)

I am so excited and need to start getting ready for a Spring Bazzar I am participating in on March 14 in Rock Hill at the National Armory. It has been over a year since I have done any shows so Im much work to sell!

Scott and I enjoying a little SC snowfall...he got to stay home from work even though the roads by us were fine. We did hear that some of the roads were icey in Charlotte and why chance it- ha We were stock up with bread and milk and fruit and lots of goodies. The sun actually came out right after lunch and worked her magic on most of the snow. Sad it was barely with us for a day but better than nothing.

London was really not feeling good at all. We took him out anyway b/c who knows when we will get snow again. He had a fever and the next day I took him to the doctor and found out he also had a sore throat and double ear infections. Poor little one.

Calhoun and Alex had a blast in the snow...good eating for a dog!

For V-day (I like to give presents early) Scott had this custom decal made for his laptop. We just went onto etsy under the "custom" tab and put in a request on Alchemy. We ordered it from this guy who was great to work with and super fast!

Here it is on his really looks fantatic and it is a great topic of conversation at work. And if you have never met my husband he has a thing for pirates..yarrrr.

"Follow Me" - Fabric on wood...another new one in the shop
Other then getting over everyone in the house having a funk (aka- really bad bad colds) we have just been chillin. I have a bit of cabin fever and am hoping to be busy this week with lots of outings. Also, I am planning to catch up with some old college friends this coming weekend. I have not met their 2 kids and they have not met my husband or London so it should be a good time.

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