Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Day...with the sweetest of old friends!

The kids at play.

I finally, after quite possibly 6-7 years, caught up with some of my favorite old friends (thanks to facebook). The Sikes (Robin and Brian) are just the best people. I met them in college when we all worked at Daniel Boone Inn Resturant, and we had some goooood time! They were the first of my friends to get married. I drove Brian to his own wedding in Richmond. Today I got to meet their two beautiful little girls and they got to meet London and Scott for the first time.

On the way home my husband and I were just glowing at home much fun we had. It was a hit and boy did Robin cook it up. She made this incredible brunch cassarole dish. I can not wait for our next get together...I know for sure it will not be another 6-7 years before we do. I give it less then a month.

Robin and London

London and Olivia

Madeleine and Olivia...sweet girls!

Here is what my art looks like waiting to be sold. I have lots and lots of work, neatly placed in the appropriate sized baskets. It takes up a shelf and 1/2 in our walk-in hall closet. They only go in the baskets once they are givin a backing. Oh this reminds me, I am participating in a show/craft sale March 14 in Rock Hill.

I would love to see you if you are in the are some details
York County Army National Guard FRG
Spring Bazzar and Bake Sale
Sat. March 14 8am - 2pm

Yes this is right below where we store clean sheets- hee hee

It has been since Nov 2007 since I have shown and sold anywhere in person. Hoping to sell a lot and meet some good people!

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