Friday, February 13, 2009

Alaska's Calling... sister back to it's shores. My sister Christie spent 6 months of 2008 in Ketchikan, AK as a Naturalist on a whale touring boat. When she arrived back in good old Charlotte, NC she was totally unaware of the economic situation as she sort of lived in a TVless bubble while in AK. Unable to find a full time job with benefits or even a salary ($7.50/hr part time at Bath and Body Works at the mall for a college grad with experience just doesn't cut it) she is very excited to go back and work work work.
Last year when she left I ran her etsy shop (volleyballgirl) for her and I am assuming I will be doing that again which I don't mind. I know that she has marked a few things down and I think she is very reasonable to begin with. So come and check her out it would mean a lot to both of us. :)
Black Bear at Sunset - 5 x 7 photo
She took this picture at Herring Cove in Ketchikan, AK. The black bears would come out just about every evening near the fish hatchery.

My Little Evergreen Tote - she has a few other totes and they are awesome!
Because Christie has been couch surfing since she got home...she has come over to my house several days for a "sewing" day. It is really hard when you do not have a place/studio space of your own. My dining room table has worked well for her and I really enjoy when she chills out here (which is not often enough).

Hemimorphite Stone earrings
She made a bunch of earrings from supplies she got while living in AK...these are some of my personal favorites.

These small little pouches are so perfect for that handful of things you want to have all in one place at the gym or grocery store. I used mine to hold my ipod and keys when I go rollerblading.
She has marked these small pouches down to $ can't beat that price.

Avocado Goodness - 8" x 8" original fabric on wood piece - New in my shop now
This one is part of my Mod Kitchen collection and I am obsessed with the green fabric used in the background. I have to say I really like this one and perhaps it is because we love avocados here at my house. Lime and avocado together is a heavenly treat with some blue organic chips - ahhhh. mmmmm
Have a great V-day weekend! xoxox


**Robin** said...

Hi Shellie..How are you..!! I havent been on in soooo long...Your beautiful work still adorns my entrance way..I love it as does everyone else..!! Robin

shellieartist said...

Thanks Robin, I have been busy. The older London gets the more we seem to need to find fun things to do. With the weather we have had some great days outside! Hope all is well with you.

NICO Designs said...

It is sad that family and friends have to be apart during this tough economic time. But I am glad that your sister is able to find work in such a lovely place.

And you are right about the green fabric! I love this piece but my hubby might think I am nuts if I say I want an avocado for art and not for lunch!

shellieartist said...

Nico, I think that she was kind of looking for an excuse to go back but yes we will miss her. I want to go visit her so bad but it is not a cheap ticket and let's face it we are just trying to get by as well. She will have a great time and will see all her friends again. I know she misses the water and outdoor life that comes with being in AK. :)