Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slightly Cabin Feverish

Oh Goodness, we have had some long days lately. I think London is adjusting to being 2 by getting into everything he is not supposed to get into. Yesterday we had an "undress his self and poop all over his crib during nap time" day. I think I bleached almost his entire room and washed everything he was wearing and everything in his crib (minus the ABC book I threw away) twice on the hottest hot my washer would wash. And of course we had an emergency bath. It brought me to tears and my hands were still shaking 45 mins later but what's a mom to do. Life goes on and there are other things to deal with. I am hoping this will NEVER happen again, and if it does we may just be giving up nap time (since he just plays and sings when in his crib anyway). Now that I have grossed you all out here are some fun pics from the week. (sorry)

Woody checking out my new piece. The cats come running from all points in the yard to get in the picture or cast a shadow- so funny.

"Kiss my Grits" - New fabric on wood piece in the
My husband loves grit (I like them too) but he really likes them. This one is for you babe!

Granny and Grandaddy watch London for me the other day so I could get a haircut (yay). He loves going over there and makes himself right at home....sometimes a little too much.

Playing the piano with Granny - which he is really good at!

Still playing...he sits there for sometime 20-30 mins at a time and plunks away. Makes me wish we had a piano sometimes. I think we will someday...someday.

Ice cream time!

Grandaddy and London have a special ice cream bond.

Nothing better then sitting on the step and eating ice cream.

Now for the latest on my future garden...her are some seeds I ordered on etsy this week.
Who knew that you could order organic seeds there too...I love etsy and love supporting individuals. I will still be ordering seeds and a few blueberry bushes from burpee this year but check these out from HomeGrownHealthy

I have been looking for the Purple Opal Basil throwing these leaves directly into a salad! YUM

That is all for now...oh and did I mention my husband leaves for a month next week on about cabin fever. One day at a time...right?

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