Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the Studio and NEW works!

I have some new pieces here I am working on and then a few I finished but never posted. Above is a new camping piece that I think I love (this picture is still in progress as it has not been polyurethaned yet)! I asked my hubby last night what color I should make the tent and he said, "Expedition Yellow just like my rain jacket". This is true he has a yellow and black rain coat therefore I followed his advice and I think that is what I will name the piece as well.
Below you can see a little more of my polyurethaning process...first mix, then apply.

applying (first coat- second coat will be applied either late tonight or early tomorrow morn)

The essentials in my upstairs studio. Mallet, brush, razor blade, paint can opener, polyurethane and stir stick. :)

While I was up there with my camera I thought I would show you the backside of my studio. All of these bins are full of my sister Christies (volleyballgirl.etsy.com) fabrics. She is moving in 2 weeks back to Alaska (for 6 months to work) so I get to ship all her sales and store her art stuff again. She still has to bring her sewing machine and a few other things over in the next week or two.

Here is an 8 x 10 commissioned wedding gift piece I have just finished. It will be called "Big Sweet Love II" as it was named and modeled after the first "Big Sweet Love" I made that I only have prints of now. I live for commissioned work..some times it is nerve racking but usually it turns out to be good.

Feeling the Night lady - waiting to be cut out.

"Feeling the Night" new original in the shop here.

Also here is another new one in the shop that I showed an in-progress photo in a lower post.
"Springs First Bloom" is in the shop here.

Update on the windows...they came and took the door out yesterday. Now we are waiting of the glass to come (which hopefully they have ordered by now). Probably will not get in until next week. Hoping the den will not be dreary and boarded up much longer. Speaking of looks like rain and it has gotten chilly out today. Waiting until next week to plant garden...and it is going to be fabulous!

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