Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MUstache Party!!!

Mustache Awards...hee hee

My sister leaves for Alaska on Sat. I am taking her on Friday to drop off her license plate and then we are going out to lunch one last time for 6 months. I know she will have another fantastic time there. She has her own place without a roommate so she can host many visitors. Unfortunately due to the broken window (a few posts down) and taxes owed I will not get the opportunity to go visit her. I am a little sad but I guess I will just experience Alaska through her stories and pictures. It is bitter sweet as I will miss her but I know that she is looking forward to going back.

Last Saturday we had a going away party for her. Last year she had a theme (knee highs and bow ties) so she thought it would be fun to have another. Can you guess...this year was Mustaches. Some of the guys started growing them as soon as they heard about the party...so funny. I wish that I had busted the camera out a little more but here are some of the better ones I snapped. Above is my sister-in-law Julie sporting one of her stashes. She actually won an award for the most Fem mustache. Christie, Nate and Ginger all helped make these hilarious Mustache trophies...ha ha.

Nate - my brother (real Mustache) , Taylor (no mustache) and Scott my husband (full beard as always)

Scott gets his mustache darkened by Kim :)

Chrisssstie and I

good ol eyeliner

Kinda creepy (LOL)

We ran into Beth that I used to work with and had her kids in after school and camp. Christie used to babysit/pet sit and house sit for her. So good to see her!

Alison, Charlotte and me . I had to use the red eye reducer so all our eyes look strange.

This is my other sister Angie and I think this picture sums up the end of the night. I love it. She is down to half a stash and the blurry background.
Anyway, cheers to a safe trip for my sister and happy Mustaches!


Tara said...

Hi Shellie, Just to say I nominated you for a little blog award - no need to do anything about it, just wanted to include you!

shellieartist said...

Hee hee...thank you so much Tara. I left you a comment on your blog too...such a wonderful surprise :) You are too kind!