Monday, November 9, 2009


For the past 9 years my brother and sister-in-law have had a pumpkin carving party. They kept things a little smaller this year but it was just as fun. London is finally old enough to really enjoy it. I think all the kids were super impressed with the cupcake making station...of course.

Here are a few family shots from the night. Scott and I camped out and my mom took London home which was fun for us and we got to stay up until 3 in morning with the late nighters around Dave's fire pit. Good time!

Here is Christie and I...she flew in the night before.

My Dad found the secret (not so secret) weapon of holding London's attention...yup a flashlight. My dad was in charge of grilling oysters and London thought it was fantastic that he needed a flashlight to see what he was doing.

My mom (grandma) and London

Aunt Angie and London...really love this photo of them!

My sister Christie came home from Alaska, where she has been living and working for the past 6 months. As fate would have it she applied for and was offered a full time job with the Alaskan Tourism Bureau and accepted the job the day before she flew back to NC. Today she is flying back to her new home with excitement and her sewing machine (as a carry on and she is spending the night in the Seattle airport this evening...what a pillow that will make!)
While in NC for 2 weeks she made her rounds and hung out with family and friends. She stayed with us one night and boy does London love him some Aunt Christie! He told me, "Aunt Christie gonna stay with London and mommies got to go" ha ha That is a long sentence for my little guy and he has not stopped putting long sentences together since!

We are a little sad to see Christie go but I know she will make a great life up there. Hopefully someday soon I will get to go visit...that is my goal anyway!

I know I have not blogged in a month. I thought I would just put up a few pictures from the past month.

London helping daddy with his computer...that is always fun.

Jumping outside in his playhouse.

I love this photo of him!


This is a photo of some of our friends. The two girls are Brookelyn and Emma with their dad Doug. They are straight up dare devils.

London and Scott running. Scott stopped by the park that day on his lunch break and we were happy!

Here are 2 more of the Judaic pieces I have been working on. The top one is the tree of life and the one below is sort of a collage of things....Jewish living.

Here is a piece that I never posted anywhere. I made it as a little extra something for a wonderful artist I did a trade with, Kate Savage of She makes the most amazing Feltidermy little critters. I thought it would be fun to do a fabric piece representing one of her pieces. :)

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