Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Dad's 60th b-day party

We celebrated my Dad's 60th b-day a week or so ago. Here is London sitting on the fantastic deck that my brother built onto the back of his house. I mean seriously, my bro is talented!
Eventually he is going to cut a hole in the side of his house and put in french doors that will take you right out to the deck. Not too shabby!

Yeah, it's a BIG deck!

The one and only shot of the 3 of us. Too bad London looks like he is surprised and of course too bad he blocked Scott's face. haha

Angie bringing in the cream cake

My Dad posing like he is going to blow out the candles. hehe

Actually Angie and Nathan and Ginger put together this presentation for my dad. My brother dug up like 2000 + slides of all kinds of pictures my Dad had taken over the years and old family photos. He digitized them all and we watched it on his big screen tv. It was really cool to see a lot of shots I have never seen before and find out a little bit more about my families history.

"She Grew to Love the Moon" - original fabric on wood piece in the shop here. I made this while chilling at the 3 day show. The show was a bit slow (for me...some people did great :) but I met lots of really wonderful folks. Who knows if they do a spring show I might try to do it again. I only do one or two shows a year but I really enjoy getting out and meeting like minded artists and crafters! I met several other etsy sellers which is always fun!

Here are a few that kept me company.

Floradorainc - Courtney was one of the coordinators and small world- we went to school together as kids and were quite good friends. She has not changed a bit and makes really lovely home decor items!

Purplecactusstudio - Great ladies who make amazing polymer clay jewelry...very colorful and fun!

Jellykoe - They have a shop full of fun little creatures. I actully bought one of the little pirate guys (arrrrthur) for London. He keeps saying "Yarrr Matey" when he sees him.

MISSALANEeous - super sweet and has just adorable bags and purses!

Here was my set up on the last day. I was kind of tucked back in the corner the first 2 days...which Im not going to lie...kinda sucked.
But there was someone who did not come back Sunday so I got to move up to the front!

There are 3 panels to this but the 3rd one is hidden by the angle.
I finally have everything put back where it belongs in the house and I can resume working on the commission pieces I have in progress. Many orders to fill before Christmas...ahhhh! :)

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Fainne said...

Hey, thanks for including us on your blog. It was really nice meeting you at the show!