Thursday, July 30, 2009


New little piece in my Etsy shop called "Hidden" . I love making forest critters and have had this piece in mind for a couple of weeks. Thankfully I was very busy with custom orders this past week and just got around to making this one.
I hope you love it as much as I do. We have had quite a few little fawns come through the side yard lately. And of course the grown up deer have had a hay day with our garden which did not do as well as expected. The trees in our yard have are just too big and our garden does not get enough sun. In the fall Scott is going to trim back some limbs and hope that helps a little for our fall garden, but I think that we may be moving the main garden to a different location (which is going to be a pain in the tushie) next spring.

Custom pieces for my Artgaragesale shop :) and speaking of AGS...I am the featured seller again :) Yay!!!

"Chica Power" - custom fabric on wood original
This piece about good friends, enjoying red wine and a beautiful evening outside.

"Forever my Friend" - custom fabric on wood original
This piece is super sweet and is meant to show a lifetime of friendship between to friends. If you look close enough the girls in the water are supposed to be around 10 yrs old, but then their reflection in the water is of them as grown ladies. :)

We just had a nice little afternoon shower here and it is still cloudy. The humidity is thick and hot here lately. Little London has broken out in a mild case of heat rash so we are trying to play outside first thing in the morning or go to the pool right when they open at 11am. So hot out. I want to start taking walks in the neighborhood with London without his stroller, which he is pretty much done with lately. The only thing holding us back is the super hotness. I know that before I know it Summer will be gone and it will be wonderful Fall and we will all be longing for the next season. ha Although, I am super excited about spiced, cinnamoned, hot soups, crunchy leaves on the ground and pumpkins of course. Actually, what I look forward to the most is the breeze. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Giveaway, and some other fun stuff!

I was asked by Grace of the sandier pastures blog to do a giveaway and of course I jumped at the chance! She has such a wonderful blog with many many giveaways and just very interesting information about her life in Dubai. Since she found me I have gotten sucked into her blog which is not hard to do. If you have not checked her out you should! Also if you want a chance to win your choice of any 8.5" x 11" archival print of mine then hop on over to her blog and see how you can enter to win...super easy! Good luck :) The winner will be chosen at random on July 31st so you have plenty of time and you can enter more then once! YAY

Now to share again with all of you one of my favorite Etsians who lives in Turkey and has become a good Etsy friend. I hope someday I get to meet her in person but she is really far away. Below is a little sampler package of her work she sent me. It truly was like
Christmas day when I opened up the neatly packaged box she sent me just because she is the sweetest lady out there. You can find Fusun's amazing work in her Etsy shop Zeustones!

So my pictures of her work are terrible b/c I took them inside with bad lighting but here they are anyway. This stone necklace is so perfect and meticulous I can not believe she does this by hand (well I do but it amazes me)!

So also in the package she sent me was a magnet, an ornament and 2 stones. She is so generous and talented my jaw was on the floor and when my husband came home he could not believe it either. So I just knew I had to do something just for her (but of course I do not know if it could ever compare to what she has made for me).

So here is the piece I have made for Fusun. I am waiting to send it to her b/c she had been traveling but I am hoping she enjoys it even just a fraction of how much I have enjoyed her work!!!

Commssioned piece for
This piece is still in progress and there may need to be some changes made (still waiting to hear from my client) but I thought I would share what I have so far. I have never made a fountain before and had a lot of fun trying to make a broken tiled looking fountian.

It has been a busy week for commissioned work but I feel so lucky and blest to be asked by super cool, art appreciating people to make things for them! Yay for art!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunset Brightness

This week I have had the pleasure of working with a fabulous client on 2 custom pieces. Above you can see the first piece I did for her. It is a take on the below piece (which is called "A Thousand Kisses") but with a sunset sky and a little bit of blue. She is giving this piece as a wedding gift and I so hope they love it.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, when working on custom pieces I try to get the piece as close to what the customer envisions, which is sometimes different then what I see...and that's ok. Below is the original fabrics I used. The rolling green hills and the green and white fabric were traded out for blue ones and I think it was a great choice. PS- I still love the green and white bright. :)

Sunset River Trip - original fabric on wood art
This is the second piece she commissioned. It is a take on the original river trip which I explain below that I only have in print now. The sunset goes from warm yellow and orange to a red then purple. I think the sunset makes it a whole lot of fun and I hope this makes her smile (because this one is for her self) :)

Here is the original River Trip - which can be found only in 8.5 x 11 archival prints or postcards in my shop. The original was bought as a gift to Ben from Humbleglory who I never see around etsy anymore but he was a super nice guy.

That is all for now...I must go entertain my toddler who refused to nap today. It's either NO nap or a 4 hour nap but no inbetween. Ha

Friday, July 10, 2009


So finally the weekend is upon us and I am going to the mountains and my wonderful in-laws are keeping London for us! We get to go tubing down the Green river and not worry about baby-gating the steps or trying to get him to sleep when he wants to stay up way past bedtime. We are really lucky that he loves going to stay with them and they give him undivided attention...yup...super lucky and blessed!

So here is a new piece I finished last weekend. "Skinny Dip" is the name and it is fabric on wood. I have been itching to get in there and do a little more patchwork like backgrounds. Hopefully I will do a few week.

Here is the original sketch I drew a few years ago. Keeping sketchbooks is so important to me b/c it is great to rediscover an image your brain had way back when. Had I made that piece when I originally drew it, it would have been totally different I can guarantee. Many of the fabrics I buy now are so different from the ones I used when I first started with my fabric on wood process. Also, they retire fabrics so unfortunately some of my old favorites I can not get anymore...unless I am lucky enough to find them on someone else's forgotten stash. ha

"Green Patch IV" - fabric on wood
I know a 4th in this series and actually it is the 5th if you count "Green Patch - Night" But what can I say I love these little 5" x 5"ers :)
And I suppose others like them too b/c the first 3 Green Patch originals sold and are now only available in 5" x 7" prints!

Here is a little summery piece called "Grass between my Toes" - I so wish we had a nice patch of grass in the yard. Hopefully someday.

Alright, I am off to finish packing, go outside and play with London, then come in and give him a bath , eat lunch, put him down in his crib long enough to pack the car, gather the dogs and head out. whew. No complaints here!