Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hey I have been Featured!!!

Snowy Bird Bath - Fabric on Wood

I love when a wonderful surprise like this happens. I have been featured on the DIY Treasury Trove- here is the link
Thanks to for letting me know. Ya'll go there and vote for me- if you want- hee hee I would love to win the Golden Dollar Competition for Dec.

Anyway, Here is a fun little wintery piece that I will be listing today in my Etsy shop. I grew up in NC and our state bird is that Cardinal. I thought how perfect to make a little Cardinal piece. I am wishing for snow this winter but I now live a little bit South of NC in SC and it is wishful thinking!

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Anonymous said...

cONGRATULATIONS!!! I don't think they have the December voting up yet = you know you can count on me. Let me know when I can vote and I'll be there!

I love your cardinal piece - those are my favorite birds and we don't even have them where I live! I do collect cardinal things - once again you have hit upon one of the things I adore!!