Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's all about the memories!

London's 1st Birthday - Eating his first Cake!

Ha- yesterday was London's 1st birthday- his first taste of cake went over well. He managed to dump the entire piece in his face and proceeded to stuff his little mouth. It was quite entertaining for all of our guest but of course I was nervous he was going to choke! Ah, well I am glad that we spent 2 days cleaning the house and had a b-day party for him. It's all about the memories.

I will leave you with picture of one of my favorite pieces I have ever made. I sold the original a few years ago but have revived it by offering 5" x 7" prints in my etsy shop. I wish that I had a better picture so I could have made bigger prints but this was before the days of sort of knowing what I was doing with my digital camera.

"Midnightish" - Print of Original Fabric on Wood art

WEll Happy New Year all - we will be chillin at our house this year drinking old Champagne. It is just not worth getting out on the roads- we prefer to get drunk in our own home- hee hee


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