Friday, April 18, 2008

Ahh Mixed Medium!

" You Can See the Moon Some Days" - Original Fabric and Gesso on Wood
I love this piece for some reason. I really get a kick out of half painted half fabric pieces these days. I think it just that slight bit of painting that I miss and crave. There is just a certain freedom that comes with painting that my fabric on wood style does not have. I think the 2 processes together work quite nicely!
My First Alchemy Piece

"Rascal" -Original Fabric on Wood

This was my very 1st alchemy request on Etsy (or in my shop). I have done many custom orders on Etsy but that was before Alchemy came back. What a thrill to open up that convo requesting something custom! This one has the sweetest story. The person who requested it did so for her sister who just lost her cat of 22 years. I thought that was just so nice of her to do for her sister- Hope she likes it! (The cat like to sleep under lamps to soak in the heat- hee hee).

Also, I just wanted to give a little shout out to all my very fabulous regular return customers! You all are fantastic- really I am so grateful for you all (and of course I love my 1st time customers too! Hee)

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